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Common Entrance Examination Instructions

  1. Pay the required fee into the designated Ondo State Government Account.
  2. Visit the Ondo State Ministry of Education with the Board of Internal Revenue (BIR) Receipt.
  3. Obtain Clearance for Renewal Fee from the PIM Dept.
  4. Obtain your School's Examination Access Card and Candidates' Access Card at the Ondo State Ministry of Education Alagbaka, Akure.
  5. Visit this website.
  6. Click on Common Entrance on the Left Menu
  7. Enter you Receipt No. and School PIN to Login.
  8. Enter your School's Contact details and select your School's Continuous Assessment subjects.
  9. To Add Students:
    • Click on Add Students on the left menu to fill your candidate's registration details
    • Enter the Student's Biodata and Candidate's PIN on the Candidate Access Card
    • Click on Next
    • Enter the Student's Continuous Assessment details
    • Click on Next
    • Select the Student's School of Choice
    • Click on Next
    • Click on Finish
  10. To Edit a Student's data in your list:
    • Click on View Students
    • Click on Edit beside the Student's name
  11. To Search for a Student in your list:
    • Click on View Students
    • Enter the Student's Surname or Firstname to Search for a particular Student
    • Click on the Search icon beside the search box
  12. To Print a Student's Slip in your list:
    • Click on View Students
    • Click on Print beside the Student's name
  13. To Print Bulk Students' Examination Slip:
    • Click on Print All
    • Select the range of students to Print
  14. To Send a Comment to us:
    • Click on Comment
    • Enter your Comment
    • Expect a Respose/Reply to your Comment within 24 Hours.
  15. You can also view the Broadsheet to view students' details as a whole.
  16. The Examinatiion Slip will be required at the Examination Center.
  17. Please, remember to Logout when you're done. .